July 01, 2010

Pinch and a punch for hte 1st of the month :D

Today, I'm giving a calendar, of what's going to happen on stardoll in the next week..

Stardoll will release their new (retarded, crappy designed) endangered animal. (1st July )

(The blog) I will rant about how bad it is... 1st/2nd July

Stardoll will have some merch with the american flag across them, ... 4th July ;)

Stardoll will also most likely release a scenery compertition ... 4th July

(The blog) We'll find you a cheaper, more red, blue and white outfit. 4th July

Stardoll will release a template for the endagered animal in suitedesign, 5th July

The endangered animal will start popping up everywhere, because noone wants it 7th July

The end. :P

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