July 20, 2010

Flash the floating old & huge head xD

Guess who this is?

Floating head :D

I wasn't in the mood for my banner, so I tried something differant.
Anyways, I was looking at my old pictures, seeing if I had any
that I forgot to post about... and I found this broadcast...

And below is sometyhing stardoll decided to call the 'Flash Print Tank'

FLASH! I wonder why they called it that?
Its freakin' seethrough! [You can see the coathanger under the shirt in the picture]

[Click piccys to enlarge]

1 comment:

  1. Just wanted to write this here, i freaking love your blog and its the only one i ever read so even though you like never get any comments, i actually read this stuff you post :] So please dont stop if you think nobodys reading this stuffff. Cause i do, x] And your posts are awesuhhmm.
    iღyou Frozta,Lozzy,Isabelle&MinimerloTwilit
    &Btw i love the new playlisstt ;D Speciallyyyyy situations
    haha okay this is getting really long, anyway, you're awesome. x


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