July 01, 2010

Intro: Ethan/Sk8erboy :D

Hey im Ethan the new writter of the blog :] im going to introduce myself and tell you some about me, and why im here, so keep reading.
My name is Ethan as you probably know by now, you can make up a nickname up for me or whatever you want, i dont care! ;] I am soon turning 13, and I am from Australia. I like spending my time with sport, chatting sites, computer and stardoll aka Tardoll, I love chatting thats not a lie, i have been on Stardoll for over a year now, i think? yeah over one year by just a little, Im so glad i joind to meet all you awesome people. I really dont know what to say i am just really happy and privliged right now lol.
Ok thats probably enough about me for now, you will probably get to know even more about me on the way :].
So your probably wondering why i am a writter for this blog? well it is because of my really awesome friends Lozzy and Frozzy, i am really good friends with them, they are seriously awesome, they invited me the other day :D Im not sure why you'll probably have to ask them lol anyway, Ive always wanted to write for a blog like this and i finnaly get the chance to, so thank you for making me feel so welcome ;D
I am hoping to be a active writter for this awesome blog, and share funny things, news uhh i think?, glitches and anything you do now on this blog :] i will try my hardest to make this blog even more popular :]
So thank you guys i look foward to meeting everyone, you really know how to make somone feel welcome ;D
oh and one last thing: Get ready to ROFL your ass off with me arround ;D
- Thanks, Ethan

1 comment:

  1. You seem okay, but you really shouldn't do a post and only say "I'm bored". I don't care if you're bored, I follow this to have a laugh.


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