July 26, 2010


Hey guys, its me Frozzy. I made a new banner :).
If you're wondering, I did leave stardoll,
but only for like two days... epic fail xD.
I realised it was too hard not being able
to talk to my good friends, and I also
thought it would be too unfair on
the blog. Lozzy and Leah have officially
left. Ethan has only left stardoll but can
sometimes come on to post. Idk where
Mini and Charlie are? They havn't
been posting lately... So this blog is going
through a rough time, so just bare with us...
We will try and get it back to its normal
place soon :)
Anyways, going on to the FUNNY stuff... look at this kitten...
like seriously...

Stardoll gave it away free to the UK
members... (for a campaign thingy).
No wonder it's free! Look at it!
Who would want that wandering
around your suite? Like for cerial...

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