July 02, 2010

You Shexy thing

Today i was visiting random people and how weird there names where until i came across this :D i just had to show everyone cuz i was laughing my azz off. It is really random but i needed to, I had a crave to post it :]

Here is a picture of how ugly she is:

her username is UGLY i was terrified of what i saw! OMG lol, but it dosent stop there look at her presentation :D

At this point i was like WTF?? lol she has major issues :] so i saw her guestbook because the presentation told me to, and i just couldnt help myself :D

(how do you do click to enlarge? lol)
her guestbook was filled with really random comments :D So i decided to edit it cuz i felt like it :] but seriously? there are som really random people on Tardoll.
-Ethan ;]

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