July 11, 2010

Simply :O

Bahaha :O I told you I would make a funny post, and here it is! if you have played it before than don't bother, but still :D ok, may I introduce The Maze game! i dare you to play this game. so here is the link for it: http://www.fugly.com/flash/709/Scary_Maze-game.html

Ok first do what it tells you, because i said do it! now al you need to do is consentrate really hard, i mean really hard. try to guide the blue dot which is controlled by your mouse, to the end of the maze that is coulored in red, but dont touch the walls! this might take a while, but it is really fun! try your hardest to at least get up to level 4, the more levels you get done the more better! Ok now i should see you consentrating really hard, and your head should be very close to the computer screen! It should also be scilent in the room your in! it is important that it is scilent.
Have you finnished yet? If you haven't stop looking at this post and go do as i say! your not allowed to cheat!
-Finished, but still nothing?-
Well if you haven't experienced anything yet then here's another one for you :D go to this link straight away: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6jkJmcgkDLI
Make sure your volume is up super louud so you can hear the awesome sound effects, and music. It sounds better if you do this. It's important you do because it is not the same if you don't. So once again go do as i say!
Ok now look really closely, what do you see? you tell me Im not telling you what I see. you figure it out yourself :D
finished? Bahahaha! :O scary isnt it?
-Nope, still nothing-
Well if you haven't you have some serious problems, so here is the last time im going to try! phew, this is a hard job lol :D ok here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uztDiJl8ajE
Now, all you need to do is watch, make sure your volume is still up loud, there is no sound or scary bits in this one. the only reason why i think it is scary because imagine if you were there and all of a sudden that happend? it would be scay eh?
Well that's it! hope you liked it :D tell me everything you expirenced in the comments! can't wait to read what you have to say! sorry, I know Im a post hogger lol i like typing alot! hope you read up to here :D
Ok anyway, thanks
- Ethan :D


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. GOD SAKE, the second one gave me a heart attack nearly, do you want people to die XD? I'm shaking so much I think I will...

  3. Oh, I've done/seen these before.
    They scared the hell out of me, haha xD

  4. I've done the maze game .
    And I showed my best friend on stardoll who is 18, and she was all alone and her fiancé was at work..it was 2 at midnight and she was CRYING .

    I felt bad, but it was kind of funny .

    Ethan, you're so funny xD



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