July 02, 2010

I swear, I could be a weather woman :D

Haha, If you saw my last post, I said 'Stardoll will most likely release some clothes with the American flag on them for the 4Th July' They are a little early, but I was right :)) I wonder if they'll release a burger and fries combo meal... wait. O.o

Encouraging fat, over-reactive teens...
*Wipes tear* H-hee-he tied me up and fed me maccas D'x ... Rapist dino. Rape Isn't funny? No? Oh... :P

YAY! :D Stardoll (for once) released an amazing collection of clothes, Personal fan of MADONNA :D And her, wait for it.... THIRTEEN year old daughter.

IM thirteen, I. Look like THIS;

(I know, Swept you off your feet, way too sexy ;D haha jk.)

SHE. Looks like THIS;

Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. -.- She looks 17.

Still! The collection = AMAZING... but there's this clutch.. ITS LIKE A FARKING ELEPHANT... Oh wait, a cow ;)

Long post.. I know, Bye :)

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