April 06, 2010

A quick message:

We do Apologize deeply if any posts Offend you in any way,Here at stardoll rofl, we are pledging to keep the posts mostly clean of swearing or explicit terms. That does NOT go for images.We would like this site to be open to any stardoll users above 11+
We do not hold acceptions, you enter this site at your own risk, And it is your own fault if you feel offended. It is also your own fault if you are featured on the blog and get caught acting, or looking like a doosh.
We definetly dont want you to be embarrased to have this page open in front of your parents, So we're trying extra hard to keep it parent friendly, infact, if you do have to show your parents your sites that you go on, we are working on a section especially programmed to contain no swearing and/or sexual terms.

Finally :
Don't blame us if we find your failure funny,don't rant to us, its purely for entertainment purposes, and all names are blanked.
-The ROFL team.

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