April 05, 2010

A Few Different Thinqss(:


First of all, Haii Lozzy && Frozta :] Welcome back :P lol.

Secondly, sorry about not posting when i went camping... It's just that i was meant to go on friday but then i went on thursday so i couldn't post that i'd be away :]

Anyways. I wanted something for 5 sd from the suite shop this morning so i thought instead of wasting my normal money i'd use play+earn. So i done all the voting for covergirl, photo, album and catwalk. Then i went to stardesign and when i went to vote a really funny design popped up and i thought you guys might rofl just a bit :] I think the person would actually have to be a good designer though... i can't design for shit :/ But i guess i'm not very skillful :P Anywho heres the design! (:


xJorja ;]

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