February 18, 2010

Scam attemp?

Sorry no banner today (wrong computer) but this is Destiny_star98, not Froxta or Lozzy! Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I've been soo busy, and nothing ROFL-worthy has been found yet!

I got this message from a girl about 3 free Mcqueen dresses? She gave me a link: greekproxy-stardoll.tlk. This is an attempt to get members passwords? What ROFFL worthy sad people they are? I did it with my account that is to check these websites are scams, and it is. When you write your username and password, it says SEND not LOG IN. No buttons work except that one, and it is a scam. Do not do it! Here is the message:

And this website. See its made by Piczo? ROFL. Such a fail attempt to scam!! xxx

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