January 11, 2011

New Beauty Parlor, Funny as. Oh and mine and mini's awarness for Qld.

^(yeah Frozta did it for me thanks mann ly.)^
Lol, so i was like doing a girls medoll, and i was looking for the perfect eye brows, and was like WTF??? Oh having no eye brows would be good. jksjks, like seriously who wants no eyebrows? you'd kinda look like a peddo, no offence. But ew.

Hehehe, oh in other news Mini and I are quite terrified, o: how you ask?
Well, we are living in Queensland, i am sure you have heard of it somewhere, anyway, we are having difficult, unpleasent and Dangerous floods, course they bad, and yes they might take us out, but... seriously heaps of People, Homes and long life belongings are lost and destroyed, any one of us could be next, i am also terrified after watching trees in my back yard fall and my friend texting me saying 'i have been evacuated' (she lives 30 minutes away from me) scary huh? anyway, i shall blow up my floaties for the week, so i don't get washed away, but seriously many people are in a shock to see all there lifes earnings go & at this moment 9 people are dead and 82 people are lost, so Mini & I have created an awarness on stardoll, and have started making t-shirts saying 'Flood Crisis' They are selling for 8sds in M.A.CChrissy's & MiniMerloTwilit's Starbazaar, the money raised will go to the Qld stardollians who have been affected, and i am also selling them so when people wear them, others will ask about it, and the buyer will tell them the story i have told you.^ the top ^

Thanks for reading, Peace out. x

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  1. My mum has spent the last couple odf days glued to ABC watching the news about the floods. It gets quite annoying.But I'll buy a shirt! They're pretty cool.



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