January 13, 2011

Fhhk Me :DD

Hey, its just me :DToday some random person just visited me. But it wasn't as simple as that. This random really was random and i am about to tell you why. So here i go, why is this person random?

Nice name you've got there ;D

Beautiful doll there hun :D
Now, lets have a look at her guestbook and presentation ;D

I agree with that guy :D ^^^^
Now for her presentation...
A what now? :O you DIRTY little girl/boy :O
Pfft, I can imagine you are ready to have fun :D You could do it all day with yourself if you wanted to :D and also your name seems very desperate for it so go ahead!

And that just goes to show that Stardoll is not for kids like frozta said! :O


  1. Haha i support the gays and all, but this omg, this is an outragee. o:: should i add her? jks... eww serious... i can't believe little girls do this to themselves... i ain't saving them if they get raaaaped whilst there asleep cos yah know what, ill be asleep too bhahaha... anyway.. what do you think crosses these peoples minds when they make these accounts???

    xx Love Chrissy. x

  2. yeah, i not being offensive or anything lol.
    I know, it is isn't it? :D
    Yeah, nah, i would, but im not adding her for many reasons ;D
    Its just wrong i think, LOL yeah i agree! :D
    To be honest, WHO KNOWS? :D

  3. She probs already been to rehab, jksjks

  4. LOL Yep totally agree! ^^^


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