January 14, 2011

Chrissy's latest victims.o:

Hey peeps how you all doing??? :) anyway these past 2 days i took some snaps at some random people posting C**p :) lol.
They are my vicitms hehehehe...
Reaad on!! :D

Some people are so desperate to be my friend, it's kind of annoying especially when they are non-superstars that only come on for a week then leave stardoll... i don't know what to do any more... Hmmmm..... anyway. Desperate people who want to be my friend should tell me why they want to be my friend.

^ soz not so much a clear picture,
But this is for Ethan, These are the weirdo boys, that i come in contact with....
it's kind of upsetting see boys on stardoll looking for a relationship, like seriously, thats what dating sites are for.... :/
So i really don't know why people ask me this??? why ?? it's not as if i am gonna say yeah sure it's (dkahsdhkafugg) 'thats not my pw btw so don't try it'. Lol, i hate them messages, who'd give out there pw? Not i...
& a questiong why would you want my pw? to hack me...... o.O
Lol i have of corse deleted this girl from my friends list because she is a retard. Obviously..
Well thats all i have captured within 2 days. :)
Oh and to keep you updated on the floods, they are out of my sight, but are still in Qld, i have sold over 90 tops... :) it's awesome people around should get an idea of what Qld is and was going through.
oh and there are still 61 people missing and 15 confirmed dead :(
God bless people who prayed for me and others who survived. :) x


  1. LOL Chrissy :D
    I love the requests you received ;D They are pretty weird!
    YAY you snapshotted some requests! :D
    Man, i agree with you loads! If you want an online girlfriend then go on a dating site :D And i defiantly wouldn't give my pass to some randoms! lol :P they are so retarded those type of people, people these days are as dumb as a nut i say!
    Oh and also i am glad you and the other girls survived the floods! man that would have been scary!

  2. Yuck, lol i read the requests again and they are just wrong! lol, grotty people do pop up in your requests! :\ lol! :D

  3. LOL. the floods where scary enough. ha. and blloooooooody booyys who think there cool and who think they like me.... lol... I mean if they want a relationship on a website they really got to explain themselves well, but most likely the relationship shouldn't happen at all.

  4. yeahh :] They would be :[
    lol :DD "you think your cooler than me, you've got designer shades just to hide your face, and you wear them around like your cooler than me!" :DD LOL that reminded me of that song!
    Yep i totally agree girl ^^^^^ LOL :P


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