January 31, 2011

Well, Im hammered.

The title says it all :D
I know what a meanie i am, making fun of people. BUT there is a really good reason why i do so :D
Ok, another randomly disturbing account visited me. how? I don't know :O that is still a mystery but who cares? :D lets get into this ok, get a load of her username:

What an odd name? Hmmm.. I was definitely hammered when i saw her doll :D

Ahhhhhh! :D see what i mean? Now for her presentation and details :DD

hahaha :D I am not sure if you can see the image, but these are her details: Age: 19 | Gender: Female | Country: United States | Last seen online: 11 hours ago! ahhh please don't go back online :O I am scared enough as it is!
This is what her presentation says:

heyy everybody!! my name is bitch!!! i love eating my poop its yummy (mmm chocolate) im hot add me!!

Nice name you've got there ;D Poop is yummy like chocolate? :O And hun i am just going to give a little reminder: You are as ugly as an ugly can get! I was seriously freaked at this point! :DD
It dosen't stop there. look at her scenery and scenery comments:

Ahhh!!! :O that is just gross, But so freaking hilarious at the same time :D her or his scenery is about an ungood (if that is even a word) period LOL. what do you think? I think she should keep that stuff to herself, AND BUY A TAMPON OR TAMPAD. Honestly, again proves Stardoll is not for kids and also another EPIC FAIL! lol

I wonder why people make accounts like that. They are true freaky freaks.

Well, thats the end of that post (yaaayy) What do you think of her? :D
Write what you think in the comments, im looking forward to reading what you all think and have to say :D

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