February 10, 2011

Yo, Yo, Yo Chrissy ain't gonee, :P

Heeey, :) So long time no post. OMGSH Like i feel like shooting myself at this moment for not posting for a long time but aye, you guys mean a lot to me as viewers and staff,
I did want to leave stardoll but it's so hard because i love the noobs on it,
But the main reason i wanted to leave was because i am in yr 10, and my parents don't want
me to have any distractions. :'(
But aye that doesn't stop me one bit, because guess what i'm already smart...
God! Is it just me or is stardoll becoming more lame?
really i thought i'd be like 'famous' i use to get like 11 friend requests each day, and 12 gb entries a day, :/ now it's just like 1 friend request and 2 gb entries, i feel soo alone atm god!!!
Okay to start off i was going through some friends and i was like OMG how did she do that?
It's amazing how people can manage to hide their hideous medolls.
I was going to vote a girl when i came across the most funniest medoll out,
Lemme' introduce you too big-bumhole Yes and he really did loose his balls^
Whats happening in my life atm? not much, school ;'( Gay!
umm OMFG GUYS 'BORN THIS WAY' -LAAADYGAGAGAGAGAGAGA SINGLES COMMING OUT ON THE 11.02.11 OMG BUY IT! OR DIE!!!!! i will be sleeping out side sanity 'music store' getting the first copy of the store, I LOVE GAGAGAGAGA. ;)
Another?? GOD!
what do you think let her do one of my rooms?? NAHHH!!
Talk to you later guys, ;) And stay hilarious, because without no humor, your lame... and lame people are my victims. :o
♥You peeps.

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