February 21, 2011

Hi Guys, :) It's your friendliest friend ever, Chrissy, :)
First of all i'd like to welcome Charlie back, even though i wasn't here when she was, :)
Announcement: I hate school.
Anyway, hows everyone?
Ya'll ready for a laugh?
This girls pres says,
'Want 2000 stardollars and 5 pieces of LE?
Superstars only!!!
Just change your email to
Freestardollars11 @ live.com
Wait 10 minutes and the stardollars and Limited Edition will be there for you to enjoy,'
Ohk, so i was like WTF your soo mean! i forget her name, but i hope people didn't fall for that, they'd have to be pretty dumb LOL.Now huh? Ugly friggen shoes for 40sds? there not even Rare or DKNY or LE or Hbs?
Bloooooody Tardoll, some people bought that thinking it was rare, :/

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