February 13, 2011

'Thee Gay' ;O


Heeeey. Sorry I havent been on in a while. School's back :( , as well as homework and crap that i just cant be bothered dealing with... well I'm back posting again, so be happy :DDD. Haha. The other day I made an effort to make a new banner but it didnt save properly :( So I guess I have to do it all againsssss. ANYWAYS... You're wondering whats with the title name... well there is a new Justin(e) Bieber doll out in stardoll. WHY! Is THEE GAY taking over stardoll? :O I clicked to view the "doll" (literally, justin(e) bieber is a doll ;D) and I saw that stardoll had got the doll completely wrong... So I decided to make it more realistic, and touch up what stardoll hadn't got right. Look at this picture carefully(: [CLICK TO ENLARGE].


Yup! This gay chick (according to stardoll) is all muscelly.
What a load of crap.
[Sorry to the people who actually like Justin(e) Bieber]


  1. LOL
    he actually appperntly
    got abs for selena gomez

  2. Ptfffhaha. Justin(e) Bieber the prettiest girl i have ever seen. ahahaha and he has a 6 pac, but the rest? that's all fake heehhe :P


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