February 18, 2011

"HE WAS BORN THIS WAY" Competition.

Heeeey. It's Frozzy! My banner is just up for construction ;D.
&& I love the new template mini :XX
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Okay remember my post about the Biegaynater? (Bieb the Tweeb)..
Well I found out that stardoll is giving away a free "justine bieber" doll. Which brings me to my competition...
The competition is to get the BIeber doll, and dress him/her up as "pretty" as you can.
Once you've finished, printscreen/screenshot him in your suite, upload it to TINYPIC, then comment on this post (or in the cbox) with the tinypic link. The winner will win some gifts from me. This competition is mainly about fun, not so much about winning, so enjoy yourself. You have until March. ;DD.

Click HERE to find out how to get him/her in your suite. (:

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