February 19, 2011

CHARLIE'S BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!! + Pics

You heard right! Charlie is back and ready to kick your bubble butt! Now, let's move on to the best part of this job: Making fun of people.

This (Man? Woman?) person said they have big balls. And they're dirty... so I'd be worried if i were their (girlfriend? boyfriend?) significant other.
Now this is a disgrace. It's racist.... but somehow kinda funny. Look at the top broadcasters of today. Innocent, right? NO!!!!!

Sorry for the quick post. I'll have more soon, when it's not almost 2 in the morning.
PS: Imma need a new banner, so if anyone's willing to make me one, I'd be a happy little unicorn. (Neigh!!!)
PSS: I won't be able to post that much this weekend, because we only have 2 computers and 5 people in this house, and my mom had surgery, so she needs this computer more than i do. And I won't be able to post that much (I don't know if i can.... I might be able to.) this coming Wednesday to Sunday, since my computer junkie stepsister is here.
Love ya!
Charlie, who is BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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