January 21, 2011


Hey. As you can see ^ I made a new banner (:
Anyways.. I went to upload a picture to my club.. except I didnt know what to upload... Look at the picture below.. (CLICK TO ENLARGE)

Like honestly, Stardoll doesnt let you upload pretty much anything. No cartoons, celebreitys, or copyrighted images... most things ARE copyrighted when you think about it.. like all the stardoll images on blogs and things.. So you basicly cant upload anything.. stupid tardoll >:'

I saw and advertisement about the styling your medoll... but only it said "Go to my suite" ... Last time I checked, you styled your medoll in the "beauty parlour" :3.
Well thats all folks :D


  1. They wouldn't let me upload a picture of a lollipop yet they let me upload a cartoon version of the characters from the movie "Kick-Ass"

  2. Yellobello;)

    Very, very good analysis, Fu*cking Tardoll, i'd like to run stardoll that way i'd be like everyone is invited to stardoll meaning 'boys'and that all pictures are accepted as club logos and that no fking maniac joins stardoll and that you get more free money a day then 5sds, lol. And yah know what when callie stardoll bitch and her gang try to join none of them are aloud to be boys, none of them are getting free shit, none of them would be aloud to upload any piece of picture to there clubs, and won't be aloud to dress pretty, cos i'd mess em' up. :L *in my dreams*

  3. Nothing i guess :D
    Stupid tardoll lol.


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