January 10, 2011

I Whip My Euuuughhhh ... Back & Forth

Hey I'm back on the blog (: AND YES. I won NCG. :DDD Yay. To those who were wondering, sadly we didn't win a Star Award but at least we got nominated (:

Look at the picture below:

The hair items are apart of the new "Whip My Hair / Willow Smith" shop. Personally, they scare the living hell out of me! I mean who would want those on their doll? They look like freaking clown items... err haha.


  1. I thought they looked like colourful armpit hair, Hey we should try that in a how to look like section.

  2. bhhaaha big poofs of hair, how random.... i don't think people would like big pubes on there forehead jks.


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