January 25, 2011

Disturbing Much..

Ive been looking in OC (Original Club) for people to buy the accounts im selling.. and I came across some really disturbing people with disturbing comments ...

I mean, those pictures were completely unrelated to the topic, and that happened right after each other.. maaaan stardollians are sick. I even didnt block their users for embaressment haha :D


  1. BHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA, should i visit them? i'll say herrllloooou from ROFL TEAM BHAHAHAHAHA. jks, ill tell them they grose me out, lol the top picture looks like a seal with a smile sorta LMFAO, butt its disturbing... and the 2nd is just retarded. :L Rude little immature, dweebed kids these days, :L OMG just random but i was at a people helping money centre sorta thing cos mum had to sort shit with them and i was standing in line with her and a girl that looked 14 years old smelt like Marijuana..... it was grose really i was like really a 14 yr old, whats the world comming to?

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