January 14, 2011

I Love Poo :DD

Yet again, one day on, and more wired random people :DD
Man, i love them! They just, i don't know, a bit scary you may say.
I ended up visiting this person because i couldn't help myself! and had a major urge to see her page :DD But i wish i never did for many reasons...

LOL :DD I couldn't stop laughing! apparently she supports her POO and wanted to tell (and i hope not show) the world how great poop is! :D
But unfortunately it didn't work... If anything he or she is a bit messed up! :D
So anyway, here is her pressie:

OMG she must be depressed! honestly :D who do you know that sings about poop? apart from immature little kids?? That is just so wrong but funny :DDD
it gets better, look how hot she looks :D

NOT! woah, man i shit myself when i saw this! :D It scared the crap out of me! AHHHH LOL
Another EPIC FAIL!


  1. hehe turns out she is a nice girl she bought a top off me and was concerned about me... lol:)

  2. Really? Oops, i feel bad now lol :P

  3. yeah, it's okay no need to feel bad she is tryna look funny i reckon:)


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