May 01, 2010

My annoying roomate.

She just won't get out of my awsome shower!

Heres the convo:
Me: Hurry up! You aren't the only one who stinks.

Her: ROFL!

Me: No, I'm serious!!!

Her: You do realise there's a bath you know.

Me: Yeah But I don't want to bathe in front of your ugly face!

Her: Nice one. Some people don't even have baths! Heck they might not even have homes!

Me: It's funny how 'Nice one' is your only comeback.

Her: Yeah well i'm not a bitch like you!

Me: Just hurry up! I bet you used my Bannana-Berry-Coconut-vanilla-pina-colada shampoo!

Her: ...


Her: There's a bath though!
Me: But I want a shower! I have a hairbrush...


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