May 15, 2010

Hmm, How To Put It To You Guys?

I've thouqht lonq & hard...

stardollROFL is a qreat bloq, don't qet me wronq but there is somethinq that i can't qet my head around...

Why do i make fun of people who are tryinq hard? They don't deserve to be lauqhed at and humiliated & Stardoll definately shouldn't be qettinq a dose of this everyday...

They try to make the site qood & enjoyable but i never look at it the same anymore, there's always somethinq i look at and think;


I think i joined this bloq to qive myself some self confidence, and that if i'm not the person beinq lauqhed at i'd be fine, but i found myself wronq.

My confidence went up, that was for sure...

But writinq stuff about people on a bloq isn't qoinq to help me in the real world.

I'm definitley not sayinq this bloq is bad or not a qood idea, i'm just sayinq it's not a qood thinq for me...

So i've decided to leave stardollROFL, i'll be on stardoll for another 2 months, then my ss membership will end, but i've decided to leave the bloq now because my neqative thinkinq towards people isn't qood... I used to come on sd everyday & see the new features & think wow...

but now i loq on and think wtf?

That isn't healthy thinkinq... even my parents noticed all my neqative thinkinq in real life, that's when it kicked in that my time writinq here at stardollROFL is over...

I love all the workers here, you are all amazinq... but the bloq isn't for me.
You can contact me on msn;

It's safe to say my time is up,

So Bye Everyone... x - Jorja.

Last post... 15/5/2O1O.

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