May 02, 2010

Help?! it's a girl... NO WAIT! A guy! :O

NEW BANNER! Thanks Lozzy :]]

Heeey(: I logged onto stardoll today & saw the new superstar doll...

I wandered why a girl had the name; "Brian"... untill i realized it was a guy! Help me... i'm confused :P baahaa. & it had them crappy graphics again, like seriously we expect higher standards :P

What got me really angry, was that he's the lead singer of placebo - it took me a while to figure it out, then lozzy told me. She's fuming. Concidering its her 2nd favourite band.

Has anyone seen the new antidote? Look at the rainbow pants... :P

xo -Jorja, More Posting will be happening later in the day... this was just a little one to get me started(:

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