May 08, 2010

Sorry guys! :/

Okaay everyoneee first up... my internet is like FARKEEED.... majorly, its like a snail.

Superr slow! So thats why i havent been posting, everytime i go on stardoll it takes like 5 minutes to load one page :/ so yupperrs.

& Secondly... Lozzy Is Gone :'(

You've probably already seen that by mini's lot of posts, i guess her time has come to get of an 8 year olds site... i should probably do the same, but i'm kinda addicted :/

So i wanted to end this post off on a little note to our stunnaaah Lozzy;

You've been an inspiration to us all... the way you find a positive in everything & always put a smile on my face ( and probably alot of other people too). Your unique & i know you'll grow up to be something quite succesful... i think you should be a stand up comedian but anywho ;P haha. I shouldn't keep writing as my internet is taking like 3 seconds to load one letter, but all i can say is...

ily lozzy, you'll be in my heart forever(: You're one of the greatest friends i've met in a long time! xo

Love Jorja, rofling stuff will be coming on about Monday the 1Oth of May... when my internet isn't so farked up :)

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