May 22, 2010

Now this, young grasshoppers... is PATHETIC.

This is getting old. If you don't like me, stop making SHITTY postings in the chatbox. They really don't make me sad. They make me pissed. We asked you nicely. And I know, this isn't a Stardoll post, but I had to get somethin' out there. Thanks for honesty. Not. (I guess click to enlarge.)

Sorry, Froz, Lozzy, Mini, Mickie (our cutest mousie couple) and Leah. (Am I forgetting someone? Feels like it. Oh well. There's an edit button for a reason.)

Love ya bunches,

Charlie (and screw you if you post any other shit in LOZZY & FROZZY's chatbox. It's theirs.)

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