May 07, 2010

My last post.

Im leaving stardoll, officially.. :(
As mini said.
I've revoked my admin privilages here at stardollrofl, im serious, im not coming back. BUT i'll be here at the blog most of the time, but i wont be posting :/
If you want to know, type in 'Kings of medicine - Placebo' on youtube
Its sort of like my goodbye song, and it explains pretty well how i feel, and what i've done :))
This is just something mini wanted me to do before i went :

From the Haiti Chick, you all knew as lozzy - im signing out, i'll miss you all so much! I'll talk in the cBOX,

If you want me, Search 'Lozzy 'Munkii' Seale' on facebook :)

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