October 09, 2010

Adding to Frozta's Medoll Thing, Heres My Pedophile and Drag Queen :D

Steps for Pedophile,

1. Pick the weirdest smile ever and Squinting Eyes to your medoll, keep the nose.
2. Apply Blush from the bottom of your medoll's earlobes to the corners of your weird smile, and on the sides of your medoll's nose.
3. Apply lengthening mascara.
4. Buy white Hair dye and pick short hair and dye it. (I Used black streaks just to touch it up a bit :])
5. Voila! You have a pedophile!

Steps for Drag Queen,

1.Pick long and fake looking hair, pick "Bleach Blond" (as I like to call it) for your hair colour.
2. Over Blush underneath your cheekbones and put a bit on the side of your medoll's nose.
3. Put on, Crazy fluro sparkly eye make-up.
4. Apply 3 sets of the biggest fake eyelashes
5. Put on pale lipstick and then roughly cover it with a bright red lip pen.
6. Put on unrelated earings.
7. Throw on some random shit in your hair and a jewled necklace.

And you have a drag Queen! :D

Now as Stewie says on Family Guy, And Now heres something we hope you'll really like :D

Some random comment!

And I'll Leave you with that.

Love, Mini

1 comment:

  1. its soo inapropiate, rude, disrespecfull ans sick that you encourage poeople to look like a pedophile… i think that u don't even know what a pedophile is… ur sick



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