January 28, 2010

Americans are DUMB! xD Jokes, its what she says -

Okay, Now guys, I litterally lmfao, and rofl'ed when i saw this. I nearly wet my sself it was that hilarious! Now, it starts off with this chick >

Now I'm not going to write it out for you, because it will spoil the whole thing, I have quite allot of pics, so hang in there Rofl'errr!

Click it to enlarge it guys x]]

THIS IS THE FUNNY PART! ^^ 'I know where paris is, she stated, Its in germany' WTF. ROFL! LMAO!
And what the most hilarious part is, Is that the girl didn't even mention anthing about americans not knowing where paris is. She said CHINA? What a fucking dope. haha!

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