January 26, 2010

Ew. Nahahahhaha! xD - LOOKING FOR WRITERSSS!

Hey guys! Just a reminder before we go on with some sick, funny stuff, I AM looking for writers, so please make a comment - I updated the system, so you dont have to have a blogger Acc to write a comment. Which seems to be many'of'a problem in blogs that i read from myself :]

Mmm-kay, I did not intentionally look for this, i was just checking for any dkny that people were selling, and came across a sick, '10 year old girl looking for something to do becasue she's bored on her school holidays'

Click to enlarge, enter her suite at your own risk. For your mental safety, i wouldn't read her presentation!?

I entered her suite at my own risk, and stumbled across her guestbook,
And i was baffles to find an ex-superstar, with the 2000 starpoint hair, commenting dirty in her guestbook?! YUCK.

Listen, if you have any other hilarious, or discusting things on stardoll, let me know :P

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