March 31, 2011

Hey It's me :D

Hello peeps it's me Ethan!
I have missed you all very much, but i didn't forget you!
Today, as you probably have realised, I am not going to upload a banner to this post because of my silly short-tearm memory blonde moments.
I mean seriously! lol xD i forgot my login to post on here!
How silly of me! The only problem with the banner situation is... i can't find it as usual (crowd goes silent) but oh well! :D
Anyways, sorry for not posting in ages! I have been very busy with a pile of homework, and allot on in my life. So i hope you all understand :]

So Stardoll has recently reached 100 million members...
Everything said and lead up to this day is exciting! (or said to be anyway)
But so far theres nothing exciting at all... apart from this image :D

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