June 06, 2010

Black Haired Peas :D


Have you noticed, nearly the WHOLE ROFL team has black hair? We've all got black eyeliner on aswel :) Apart from mini, you broke the chain, we all hate you. Jk ;D And! I've made a new design, idk if you all saw my dino with the signs i made for my friends on stardoll? but I drew him, and now, I've got an official 'Rarr Dino' t-shirt! I think he's really cute :) I've already sold 12 and I only started selling them an hour ago! :)
AND! (I know!! Im full of surprises today ;) ) There is this song, you have to have heard of it! It's by JET (I went to their concert x3) It's called Seventeen, I swear, you'll fall in love as soon as the song starts with the 2 note piano :)

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