June 24, 2010

Trickeh shytt!

Heyhey! Don't read on if your easily offended, pre-hand warning, please don't complain like a girl in the CBOX, Sexist?? . :l

Mkay, have you ever read that really weird survey from caimbridge university? I odn't even know how to spell it, so much for university xD Ne' way! Its the one about how you read words by the first and last letters, like ' Volcano' If I spell it like this 'Vlconao' It still reads as volcano?

Well, I figured, If stardoll hasn't got to it yet, we could swear like this? Yet people would still understand it, because going 'Btcih' is better than going 'Bihyatch' Lol xD MUCH easier.

I tested it, And ah, SUCCESS! :D

Well... the first one didn't work.. which was the innocent 'F-word' ;D

Charlie has a bit to say about it aswell!

Before I get started.... I wanted to say why I haven't been posting. My stepsister (who is 6) HOGS to computer like it's life support, anyways! My new section! I've decided (without telling anyone) to do a HOW TO (blah blah blah) section. This week's (Yeah, taterface. Weekly.) How To, is cussing! I know how to do it. It's pretty simple, rather than going;

How To.....
;;Cuss on Stardoll!
Okay: It works in GBs, clubs, starblogs, albums..... NOT ON PRESENTATION!

Example: fu­& shy ;ck = fu­ck

Just put either '&' , 'shy' or ';' (thats without spaces or apostrophies! these things. .. ' ' ' !!) ­ in the middle of any word. It lets you do anything!

Toodles, my bitches.
-See you guys rolling on the floor laters! xx -Lozzy And Charlie

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