June 29, 2010

Mm, the diet of children. Yummy!

Yeah, I am not a die-hard fan of Twilight. I have read all the books. Lemme tell you, they are cheesy, annoying, and kinda stupid. Any of the writers who like it, SORRY. I hate the whole "soul mate" crap. "You should wait to marry your soul mate".
This is Stephenie Meyer at the Eclipse premier. (THE MOVIES ARE REPULSIVE!) Has she started eating children?
This is my meanest post yet. Wow, I'm awful. But seriously.... this is a mini-rofl.

Kinda scary, right? When I saw it, OMG. Wow.


  1. She's put on a few pounds :|
    But i love twilight lol :)

  2. Yeah, She's a great writer , Twilight ain't for everyone.
    But yeah. I'm guessing with billions of dollars she's made, she uh... bought a few 2-meter-high cakes??

  3. Eclipse in NZ on THURS
    I like twilight Charlie :|

  4. She's eating harry potter books because she's trying to write something at least half good.

  5. Sorry for offending anyone. I like the books a litte. I prefer something not as teen....

  6. 'You either love it or you hate it' :)


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