June 11, 2010

Unless they're colour blind..

Sorry guys, I havn't been funny at the moment, my best friend was in hospital, I've spent my week laying in a hospital bed keeping her company.
Uhm, Friends. It seems they really don't seem to be wanting me on stardoll?

It was kinda rude.. IDK if mini has been hacked? But im upset :(

ANYWAY! I saw something funny ;) It totally didn't make sence, tardoll` are like' Support your team' and there are aload of flacks falling onto the field, my question:

How the fak are your team going to win if they're blinded by a (often most) stripy flag?! *Face palm*
'& Another thing, it seemed the designer was picking favourites! There are double ups of flags, C'mon ! There are .. HOW MANY COUNTRIES?!

-byeee! xx

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