June 05, 2010

Why is there a one legged, Alcoholic Owl on stardoll ? :l

Ellew, Yep. You know it, Im about to make you laugh.

So it's been WAY over a month since the last 'tarded cat came out. The one that showers with Lynx.. haha.
And now stardoll has released an alcoholic, one legged owl O.o 'The BARn Owl'

Apparently, he's shaped like a heart.. uh. no....
AND! He tweets... Sounds a bit of a pedophile :l The funny thing is, I always thought they 'hooted' :s
Im surprised he's managed to stay upright in the tree! :O He must be smashed! Look! He's even acting Italian! :}D

Nuther thing' Is that stardoll has made a penthouse available ? It costs 149Sd, I bought one :) But they have made an 'Inflatable swimring' Seriously? They could have just put 'Pool Donut' and made it SOOO much easier to understand. :P Aussie slang, HELLS YEAH! hhaa.

Dude, Just a quick message, It took me 4 attempts to upload the picture of that faking owl, each time, I have to format it, and i kept deleting it -.-"

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