June 04, 2010

LOL. Flicking paper at a chicks head :D

Heyyy! So.. It's been my rebel week this week :)
Tasks I set out to complete:
-Pull a face in school photo (Completed)

-Swear at the teacher (Completed)

-Be cheaky at all times, and refuse to do stuff. (Completed)

-Act sick and go home (Completed)
And the last one, I didn't intend to happen, It goes like this:

So.. Today I was flicking paper at this chick's head, I hate her, She's a bitch with me, and she acts all goody-two-shoes and gets me in trouble.. aha.
Anyway! She's like 'Ill knock you out' and i was like 'Pshhhhhh, dude, I'd kick your ass with my sprained wrist' *licks finger, marks one*
and Then i kept flicking paper at her :)) (Apparently if i do anything else to her, I get suspended :P)
And then I was driving home with my step dad, and she FOLLOWED US HOME.
Haaa.... It was pretty funny :) my dad was like 'Get off my property you faking whaaankers' cause I told him they were following us... :P WIN!
++ Thats pretty much it,
The face I pulled for photo's w as the vacant one with my eyebrow raised :)


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