June 08, 2010

You want LE? Im about to share a secret:

Hey guys, I've had a 'Ding' moment :)
Go to the big bazar,
Click on the searchey thing... (Its in a big red bubble for you ;D) haa
Click 'L.E.' and set your price as 150.
Every L.E. item you would ever want is in there, desperates are selling cheap so they can ge thte new LE!
Then, Try the antidote! Thats even better, only set your price to 100, awesome, REALLY cheap CLOTHES, not tacky headbands, DRESSES for 100 :D
Click to Enlarge, it will be much easier :)
Your welcome! See, we do look after you guys here ;) Please, If your reading this - Click follow, We need to see how many people are actually reading posts! thanks x

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