June 25, 2010

Discovering the darkness :P

Big enough? Blogger wont load picture upload :/
If your an old-school SDROFL fan, Then you'd have read the post about my black pant fettish? *cough, Its gotten bigger, cough!* Last time I had 8, which was 3 months ago, I now have 15, and it's proven my love for black pants has died down, and shoes, hats, Belts, bags and scarves has taken over! Along with my long-life love for racer-back jackets x333 :DDD


Black Shoes/Hats/Bags etcetc: 23

Black Shirts: 14

Black Dresses: 12

Black Coats/Jackets: 9

Black Tights: 6

Black pants: 5

Black Leggings:

4Black Skirts: 4

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