June 02, 2010

I've had an idea >:)

Guess what.

I've had the awesomest idea.

I've got school photo's coming up, I hate smiling, I never smile, even my mum said I SUCK at smiling.
And so, I've come to the conclusion to pull off the unthinkable >:D
Whatever that might be, I want you to put your answer to the best suggestion in the latest poll,
'What should I do in my school photo's this year'

I WILL do it, and if i don't, I have to dress my doll as a man for one whole week!
Happy polling :D Ill upload my pic when it comes.. it should take like.. ages :l

And im on the verge of crying D: I made that biiiiiiiiiig post about the gift-o-meter, and then deleted the wrong one D:

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