June 15, 2010

July 1st - Annual Stardoll Strike.

From the StardollROFL team;

July 1st, each year, Stardoll members come together to STRIKE against the high prices and limits the non-superstars face. Once again this year, the majority of active stardoll users will strike by logging off for the WHOLE day on July 1st.
By coppying and pasting this message into Guestbooks and into your starblog, you're willing to strike for non-superstars and help the future of stardoll being a fair game and a place for everyone. Send broadcasts, paste into requests, post on Real Celeb's Guestbooks, ANYTHING, Just try and get the word around!!!
-StardollROFL are supporting this event :) Let us know how many you've sent this message to, and we'll send ya' a gift! x

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