August 05, 2010

I Don't Remember Joining That... :D

Because I hardly read my 'updates' section of my inbox,
I only just scrolled down my page to realise I'm a manager
of a club called 'Just-4-Girls'... I so don't remember joining that...
but I do remember joining another girls club that kept kicking me out...
lmao... But why make me manager? Does my medoll look like a
girl? D: ... Or are they trying to embarassment? Haha... :D
Or maybe they just love me :).

Stardoll has been pxssing me off lately
as it is been very very very slow on my
computer. It takes about 30 minutes
to load my MeDoll, and the same
for my suite... it never used to be this slow...
must be the crappy new stardoll.

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