April 19, 2011


Hey guys! :D
Look who it is? haha.
I've missed you all so much, im now back in action and ready to post again. I know I dissapeared for a while but i plan to change that and remember to actually go on stardoll now, Mini told me to use a post it and put it on my laptop screen as a reminder. haha.

Well considering im back i thought i better top up on my superstar, only to find the usual easter specials which was lucky for me - or was it?
They've got a promo on, i think you get about 8/9 peices of free clothing from stardoll.. and they are so bloody sexy. -_-'

Aw yep - i can see myself looking flawless in those clothes... in the very, very, very distant future when i'm retired.

1 comment:

  1. LOZZY ^.^
    I loved those clothes so much, I put them in a special room ;D


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