April 22, 2011

Wassup, Wassup Stardoll ROFLians! :]

I am Holly, my dolls are superpurplegirl and purplesparkles. I am new to this winning blog :D
Now lately I have been getting in touch with the noob in side me... well only really acting like a noob for fun (don't lie, I know you have aswell ;] ). And noob central (besides some clubs) on Stardoll is 'parties'. There are so many noob parties! And you can tell which ones are noobish because they often have titles like 'HOT PPL ONLY IF UR NT U GET KIKED OUT!' and 'DATING PARTY' or 'HOT BOYS COME HERE!' and so on. I quie enjoy watching what happens at these parties, but this time I decided to become a part of them, and when I was, I filmed it all on hyper cam! YAYY! But seriously, some if the shizz I saw at some of those parties was HILARIOUS! So I put a video of some of the main stuff that happened at the parties onto Youtube. It's not working to be put on blogger yet though, so heres the url, but I'll also put it up in my next post to :D
the url: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iM4svGMnVZU&feature=youtube_gdata

See ya yoouu noobs [jks, hehe]


  1. ...
    I think that OC topics are worse. =__=

  2. I'm guessing you like Charlie Sheen?

    "I'm a total bitchin' rockstar from Mars!"

    Parties on stardoll are quite noob-ish these days. All of them are like "SHEX PARTY!" or "SINGLES MINGLE!"


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